Introducing the PloxHost Stock API

Introducing the PloxHost Stock API
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As we look towards expanding our Dedicated Server lineup, we are excitied to announce our Dedicated Server Stock API.

With this new API, you are able to check and see all in-stock server configurations, pricing, upgrades, etc.

Why is this important you ask?

As we plan on expanding our dedicated server lineup. Our customers may find it helpful to scout out new servers they may be interested in. One of our new goals at PloxHost is to also be more developer friendly. We are doing this by opening up more opportunities.

Future Plans with API

Our team is always looking to innovate. We plan on releasing more parts to our API, such as searching, filtering, etc. This API will also be part of our API docs, which are in the works. Stay tuned!

How to access

You can access the API at

Thank you!

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