Minecraft 1.19 Is Now Supported!

Minecraft 1.19 Is Now Supported!

Hi everyone! Minecraft 1.19 has been released today! In this post we will be going over what's included in this update. Some stuff included in this updates are new blocks, mobs, biomes, and more.

The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark will be much more treacherous than the other underground biomes. As it is the home of the Warden mob. This is a mini boss that goes around and stalks the Deep Dark. You'll also have to watch your step as walking over the sculk blocks found throughout will send a signal throughout the deepdark that activates Sculk Shriekers. When this is activated Shriekers will alert the Warden to your location.

The Deep Dark isn't just a cave. It will also contain olden cities, and big ruins that are overgrown with Sculk. The ancient cities will prove a challenge to explore but it will be rewarding as it's home to chest that contain special treasure that are very rare and can't find anywhere else. These chest contain many of the new items in 1.19 such as disc fragments, shards enchanted books with new swift sneak enchantment.

Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove swamps, on the other hand are delightful. These swamps are majorly populated by the new Mangrove tree type. The Mangrove tree can be planted either on land or in water and grows vary tall thanks to it's large roots. The difference between the Mangrove swamp and the standard swamp biome are the atmosphere and the color palette and the use of mud instead of dirt on the ground. This means players who explore a mangrove swamp may find themselves sinking into the mud slightly.

Frogs, Tadpoles, and Frogspawn

Three frog variants are set to arrive in 1.19: temperate, cold, and warm. These various types of frogs will be different colors and spawn in different biomes - Cold frogs will spawn in snow biomes, warm frogs will spawn in deserts, and temperate frogs will spawn in swamps including the new Mangrove Swamp biome.

Tadpoles, another new mob coming with the update  will grow into one of three different form of frogs depending on the climate of the biome in where they live. You can move  tadpole around in a  bucket of water so you can move them between different areas to control the frog variant that they become when you aren't transporting tadpoles around in your bucket they will swim in bodies of water after hatching from frogspawn.

Normally frogs were going to eat fireflies but Mojang said that they had changed this feature and that the frogs will now eat small slimes and magma cubes as people notified them that fireflies were poisonous for frogs in real life. This change means that fireflies will no longer be coming in the update. Small slimes will cause the frog to enter into love mode while eating small magma cubes will cause the frog to create a froglight one of the blocs in the new update.

The Allay

Another mob you will meet in the update is The Allay the fan requested mod from Minecraft Live 2021 The Ally is a little blue fairy that you'll find caged up near Phillager Outposts and and Woodland Mansions. If you free the Allay and give it an item they will move around and find said item making them useful farmhands and mining partners. When they get said items The Allay will fly back to you or a nearby note block to dump the stack.

The Warden

The Warden is a miniboss that lurks in the deepdark It's blind and cannot see you. However that does not mean your safe. The Warden is able to track you by vibrations from your footsteps which ripple through the ground across the the sculk blocks. If these vibrations reach a sculk shrieker it will let loose loud screams before summing the warden. This means that the normal methods of avoiding mob such as invisibility won't help when trying to hide from the Warden.

When summoned by the shrieker the warden will raise from the ground and attack you. The warden is able to kill you with one hit so it's best to avoid it and run away rather then fighting back. Mojang themselves said that the warden is more of a natural disaster then a normal mob so you should keep your distance and try to run when found.

Mud and Mud Brick

As you explore the new swamp biomes you will come across the new mud blocks. Mud might sound and look like dirt but we're here to let you know that there's a big difference but not a big difference but they are technically separate blocks. If you gather mud blocks you can use them to craft a block of packed mud which you can then make them into mud bricks. These are prettier for houses so consider using mud bricks instead of dirt when you are constructing an early base.

Mud is also useful if you want to make clay. To easily get clay place some mud on top of a block that has a pointed dripstone underneath. Water will then flow from the mud and through the dripstone causing the mud to dry up. Once the water is gone you'll be left with a block of clay

Sculk, Sculk Catalysts, and Sculk Shriekers

Sculk is an unusual material found throughout the deep dark. As you move vibrations will start and spread through sculk blocks. If these vibrations ripple through to a sculk shrieker it will emit a screech if there's multiple screech in succession the warden will raise nearby and hunt down you.

The difficult thing to manage when in the deep dark is the spread of sculk as you explore. You will find sculk catalysts throughout the deep dark which when a mob is killed it causes sculk to grow on the surrounding mobs. If you spend long enough time underground exploring the ancient cities and gathering treasure the spread of the sculk overtime will make it more difficult to survive.  


Froglight is a new block that forms when frogs eat small magma cubes. froglights are colorful blocks that light up an area in a dim light. The color of the light changes depending on the type of frog that ate the magma cube. Warm frogs make a purple froglight cold frogs make green froglights and temperate frogs make yellow froglights.

Mangrove Wood

Chopping mangrove trees allows you to earn a new kind of wood known as mangrove wood. This has red hue that will give you creations a warm cosy feel This wood can be use for all sorts of blocks such as doors stairs and trap doors so you can add a some splash of color defensive towers.

Boat with a chest

The boast with a chest is a new highly wanted vehicle that you can use in the new update. It's the perfect tool to those who like some oversea exploration as you can easily dump all of your loot into the chest and set sail on your travels. It also promotes the use of multiple bases as you will be able easily transport items around the world without  limiting yourself to just your inventory slots.

Echo Shards and Recovery Compass

As you explore the deep dark you'll find treasure chest. within the chest you may find new items called echo shards. Echo shards are small dark crystals that you can use to make a recovery compass. To do this place a regular compass in the center if the crafting table and then eight echo shards around the edge.

A recovery compass will point you to the previous location where you died to collect your loot. This will be very useful for those who enjoy mining and will be lot less scary since you won't lose all your stuff.

Disc Fragments

Disc fragments are another treasure that you'll find in chest within the ancient cities. If you manage to gather nine disc fragments which will prove to be  hard as they are very rare you can use them to craft a music disc named 5. This disc will play numerous songs that you might commonly hear in the deep dark including the noises by the sculk shrieker and the warden along with the occasional melodies.

Swift Sneak Enchanted Books

Swift sneak is a new enchantment that you can only get by finding enchanted books in the deep dark. If you find a swift sneak enchanted book you can use it to enchant trousers with the swift sneak enchainment. This makes you move faster while sneaking using the crouch function with level 3 swift sneak allowing you to move 75 percent of your normal speed movement. This is much faster then just normal crouching which makes you move at 30 percent speed. You can find swift sneak enchanted books exclusively in the deep dark's ancient cities and cannot be created yourself at an enchanted table.


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