PloxHost to welcome AstroVPN to our network

PloxHost to welcome AstroVPN to our network
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Today, we are very excited to announce our new partnership between PloxHost & AstroVPN LLC.

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The Problem

AstroVPN plans on offering a diverse network to all of it's customers. Even though AstroVPN's previous provider may have been very reliable, as like we are. Having a more diverse network allows for better connectivity and latency that all customers will notice. A second, less important problem that occurred was Denial-Of-Service protection.

Gaming and talking online can be dangerous. It is essential for AstroVPN to allow it's customers to shield themselves from online attacks via DDOS.

The Answer

The solution is simple, a better network, provided by PloxHost. Our blend of diverse Tier-1 ISPs allows AstroVPN to offer a better global presence in our locations. With our Path.Net DDoS protection, customers will be shielded from attacks that occur against them. DDOS Protection that actually works, and provides low latency even during attacks. Isn't that just amazing...

We're absolutely blown away with the peer blend, having a very reliable low response time to Google and Cloudflare. It's been an honor to move our customers to a network that is well protected from modern threats, such as Denial of Service attacks.   - Riley Nevins, CEO AstroVPN LLC.

Interview with Riley Nevins

Below is our interview we conducted with Riley Nevins, the CEO of AstroVPN LLC. We asked him a few questions regarding his company.

Why Should People Use AstroVPN?

AstroVPN is designed to benefit the every day internet user, from online gamers to internet browsing families. What sets us apart from the other solutions in the market is our true dedication to customer support, and building a sense of community that is not found with competing products. Our support team consists of real people, from all places around the world who are highly educated in cyber security and all things VPN.  The features we build into our product, alongside our security standards we uphold, prevent a wide range of cyber threats not specific to any one person. We believe that everyone using the internet for work, school, or on the go should have this technology in hand, and we're extremely proud to provide it.

What Advantage does a VPN Offer?

By definition a VPN offers a private network which clients connect to. This not only masks their IP address, but offers a layer of security on the internet.

What are your Long and Short Term Goals as a Business?

At the moment, our short-term goals are majorly in the development area. For quite some time we've been working on our Client Area/Billing Panel, which automates a lot of the services we currently offer. In releasing this panel we'd no longer be doing orders through third-party platforms, allowing us more control and customization over the user experience and privacy. Once our panel and the supporting APIs have been created, we're going to be going full force towards completing our custom applications for various operating systems.

Our long-term goal in offering AstroVPN to the public is to provide people with rich features alongside the traditional security benefits of using VPNs. Our content blocking system is something, in the long run, we're hoping to improve and expand. From the start, our goal has been focused on offering the highest level of user-ended privacy, and by offering this content blocking system we allow each of our users to build their own layers of defense against threats unique to them.

You can learn more about AstroVPN by visiting their website, at

Future Partnership with AstroVPN

We are so excited to announce this partnership with AstroVPN.

This is truly a beneficial partnership. Starting today, you can save 25% off AstroVPN's VPN plans by using code PLOX25! Check it out today on their website.

Sit tight, we have more planned.

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About AstroVPN

We are a next-generation VPN provider specializing in end-user privacy and rich content blocking features. Built into our product is Vortex, an advanced advertisement and malware removal tool that requires no additional setup/installation. Reclaim your online privacy today and make the switch to AstroVPN.

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